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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Black Pearl Casino moves into the world of Social Networking

Black Pearl Casino has recently delved into the world of social media and networking gaming, by placing its latest title on Facebook. Novogoma’s Black Pearl Casino is an underwater themed online casino that offers several forms of game, including the much loved slot machines. The slots include both video slots and classic slot machine games, […]

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Bee Cave Games launches first Real-Money Gambling Slot

Most anorak gamers will be familiar with Bee Cave Games, due to their presence in the social gaming market. However, the company is destined to try and move away from their social networking titles a little bit this month, by expanding outwards into the far more profitable online gambling market. Bee Cave Games have recently announced […]

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Online gambling set to land in Delaware

Roll on November 8. On this date, residents in the State of Delaware, will be able to finally wager real money on their favourite blackjack, poker, roulette and even slot machines, all from the comfort of their very own homes, via their computers. Delaware is set to become the first state to truly offer real, […]

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Online gambling now the King of Social gaming

Online casinos have always been big business with gamers, but the advance of social networking media, such as Facebook and other sites, had promised to take a chunk of the online casinos, with their free to play social networking games. This is no longer a threat however, since the online gambling world has now incorporated […]

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